Sunday, November 28, 2010

Artist Lecture: Mark Tribe

Mark Tribe is essentially an artist in the area of public performances that are designed to make specific comments on society.

One of the main projects he embarked on was his series of six public re-enactments of historically relevant speeches.

He has put together speeches by Coretta Scott King, Howard Zin, Paul Potter, Cesar Chavez, Angela Davis, and Stokey Carmichael.  These re-enactments are comprised of all actors in various public locations throughout the U.S.  The actors dress as the person whose speech they are portraying, and deliver it as they would. He also shows videos of these performances in galleries for more people to be able to experience.

I think what he is trying to get across is the idea that history does repeat itself; and in more ways than one.  He says that “we observe performances for the media, but we also perform for the media.”

Another project he produced was a compilation of various musicians performing the Star Spangled Banner using any instrument or style they chose, placed in a gallery setting.  This performance allowed anyone a chance to be a part of a live art statement; it was a great way to portray emotion simply through the strength and importance of the particular song. 

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