Friday, November 26, 2010

Exhibition Review: Paho Mann

The main focus of Paho Mann’s “North Gateway Transfer Station Project” is to essentially raise environmental awareness in such as way that it was able to come across as a beautiful form of art.  He photographed nearly 6000 images of recyclable solid waste materials in Phoenix, Arizona.  The images were then entered into a database where they were paired with specific keywords based on the type of object as well as various color categories. 

                In the gallery, the images were placed according to color in a grid pattern below the main large photo of all of the images combined.  The visual esthetic created in the combining of such a vast amount of images is unbelievably beautiful for it being photographs of everyday recyclable things people throw out without a second thought.  This produced a sense of an idea that despite the images being of such unwanted, no longer usable items, they still are able to possess a strong beauty when placed in the right ways. 

                Paho Mann’s exhibition was paired with Lauren DiCioccio, whose work, I feel, very much compliments each others.  DiCioccio’s works are mostly comprised of objects that have been sewn which are made to look as if they are real.  Various objects include anything from milk cartons to even a newspaper clipping.  Both of their art forms are meant to make a comment on the way we perceive the everyday items we throw away and how they can actually be of beauty and splendor when placed in the right setting.

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